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Adam Gramse

Mostly a senior Interaction Designer
10 years of experience in web design, advertising, UI, apps and creative

Selected Works

About me

Team player

It's very unlikely to work entirely alone on any project that is just slightly bigger than a website. I find it super important to be able collaborate with all participants of a project, from product managers to developers to management. To communicate my ideas and thoughts and directions, while always remembering that I am not alone here.

Attention to Detail

Small details are what makes a design good. Wether it’s a texture of the background of a tiny 120X120 pixel banner or a wrong icon, I take no prisoners, and nothing is left unadressed.

Creative Mindset

Working in the creative insdustry for many years opened my mind to many graphical and lingual ideas which I can put together quickly on a piece of paper which can then be translated into a campaign, an app, or a website. I am passionate about my creativity and I love expressing it. Put me in a room with a few more creative minds and see what happens.

Multi Disciplinary

I am familiar with a large array of tools for content creation. I know how to choose the right tool, style and technique for the task. I combine them, I make them work. Because knowing Photoshop doesn’t make you a designer. I am fully familiar with Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Jira/Agile, SketchApp, Adobe XD, some 3D Studio Max, Some HTML/CSS/JS (I did this website!) and I even got some pen and paper skills :)

Design Lead

So, after so many years on the execution side, I am finally ready to take the lead of my own team as a creative director or lead designer. In the last company I had a short chance to experience directing my ideas to junior colleagues on one side and to stake-holders on the other, and I am now ready to do that full scale. I want to experience what having the overview of a team feels like.

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