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Adam Gramse

Mostly a senior Interaction Designer
10 years of experience in web design, advertising, UI, apps and creative

Selected Works

About me

Team player

I can work in collaboration with other designers and developers, or even solo. I know the practices and methods. I can be pedantic, but I also know how to let go. Sometimes...

Attention to Detail

Small details are what makes a design good. Wether if it’s a texture of the background of a tiny 120X120 pixel banner or misplaced icon, I take no prisoners, and nothing is left unadressed.

Creative Mindset

Working in the creative insdustry for many years opened my mind to many graphical and lingual ideas which I can put together quickly on a piece of paper which can then be translated into a campaign, an app, or a website. I am passionate about my creativity and I love expressing it. Put me in a room with a few more creative minds and see what happens.

Multi Disciplinary

I am familiar with a large array of tools for content creation. I know how to choose the right tool, style and technique for the task. I combine them, I make them work. Because knowing Photoshop doesn’t make you a designer. I am fully familiar with Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Jira/Agile, some 3D Studio Max, Some HTML/CSS/JS (I did this website!) and I even got some pen and paper skills :)

Creative Direction

So, after so many years on the execution side, I am finally ready to take the lead of my own team as a creative director. In the last company I had a short chance to experience directing my ideas to junior colleagues on one side and to stake-holders on the other, and I am now ready to do that full scale. I want to experience what having the overview of a team feels like.

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