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    Hi and welcome to my site!
    My name is Adam Gramse and It's really nice of you to stop by and have a look at the most useless section of it. So since you're still here, I'll tell you what I'm capable of and how we can work together.
    Most of my clients are advertising agencies who need help and backup with their internet campaigns during the hot seasons.

    I mostly do Adobe Flash banners and landing pages, but as you can see, I am also capable of creating motion graphics in Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator designs 3Ds-Max and V-ray, front-end HTML5, CSS, Javascript/Jquery and ActionScript 2.0 coding.
    With that said, I'm sure I can take any part of your project or even the whole of it and simply - Make it happen.

    Add me as a friend on maybe?